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This place is wonderful, everybody is so nice and professional. I been recovering from a car accident and I love this place!

Reyna K.

I had severe lower back pain and could barely walk.I went to see Dr. Brooks on a Thursday morning.He listened as I explained my condition.He began treating me and in a matter minutes my pain was 98% relieved. Hes a master in his field.I recommend him highly for anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Harold S.

Well first of all it was a Saturday and not alot of places are open. I was very happy to know I can just walk in and they will attend me. .I woke up Saturday morning unable to walk very well and was in pain. As soon as I hesitated to walk in I was greeted and processed quick, the staff made me feel soon welcome tending me very well. Its a nice set up and process, very professional, and able to decrease my pain and posture. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone. Thank you very much for


Ive suffered from back pain for most of my life. Going to a chiropractor is just something Ive lived with.This place has to be one of the best chiropractors Ive ever been to. Located right next to my work means that I can be in and out in no time. I go in for my regular adjustments, but if Im having pain elsewhere, I know I can walk in and the doctor will fix me right up. He takes the time to listen to where it hurts and makes sure that youre feeling better before you leave. I havent taken the t

Nikki L.

Always feel amazing when I leave. It was just what I needed today. In and out quickly, but also just enough time for a few questions to treat me properly. Works great for a busy man like myself.

Chris A.

I am a 45 year old guy with a history of failed back surgeries (no hardware). I injured my back originally about twenty years ago, and I eventually needed a discectomy and then another surgery for a post-op infection. Now I have severe chronic pain. Manual manipulation is one of the only modalities that really help my severe pain and sciatica.I have been seeing chiropractors for almost 20 years. Dr. Tory Brooks is one of the best chiropractors I have known. When his office is not open, I sometim

Shalic G.

I walked into On the Go Chiro today in tears, and walked out feeling a million times better. My rib pain went from unbearable to mild in the course of 5 minutes with Dr. Tory. His staff are always smiling and helpful as well. Thank you so much!

Kassidy C.

I threw my back out and in two treatments, I was back to 100%. Could not recommend more highly.

Edward R.

Dr. Brooks is friendly, fast (but in a good way), and efficient! I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again, Doc!

Lloyd M.

So good when my body needs a tune up! Great adjustments.

Gary O.

After years of having a lifted rib cage and back problems, thanks to Dr. Tory Brooks I can breathe better and I feel better. He also helped my family members and they feel so much better. I truly recommend Dr. Toy Brooks.

Leslie M.

Dr. Brooks is the real deal. He has the healing touch and his office is professional and welcoming. I strongly recommend Dr. Brooks for all your Chirp needs from head to toe!

Bill B.

Always in and out, friendly people. And most importantly I have never left with the pain I arrived with.

Walter G.

I have been going to On the Go Chiro for many years now. I was first introduced by my family members. My mother, sister, uncle , aunts, and grandma all enjoyed getting ajustments when they visit Tucson from New Mexico. Dr. Brooks is awesome with his hands in helping you feel like new. Every single time I have gone I am amazed at how much relife and tention is lifted off of my body. He has helped me with a sholder pain and knee pain as well as my neck and spine. I greatly appriciate his talent an

Sara E.

I have been going to On the Go Chiro for many years now. I was first introduced by my family members. My mother, sister, uncle , aunts, and grandma all enjoyed getting ajustments when they visit...

Sara E.

I am so thankful & great full to have met Dr. Tory Brooks! He has helped me in ways modern western medicine & treatment has not. He truly cares & addresses his patients one on one and is very attentive to their individual needs, definitely one of the most skilled in his profession! I absolutely love him & his wife! I believe they are real life angels doing Gods work! I plan on continually receiving his healing therapy & adjustments from now & into the future! #verysatisfiedpatientKat

Kat T.

We took our four year old here for the first time today. Dr. Tory was amazing with him and explained everything he was doing. He was great with our son! We will definitely be going back!

Tiffany N.

Best place to get an adjustment every time I go in I always receive good and fast service and the staff are always nice and helpful. Would really recommend if you are having back or sciatica pain.

Dominic F.

Tory does great work. Hes successfully helped me recover from several injuries, and just always makes me feel better.

Ken R.

Very helpful. Knows his stuff. Relaxing environment.


It takes me longer to get here than to get adjusted. I drive 40 minutes but its totally worth it. I had been going to another walk-in chiropractor for my lower back problems but I wasnt getting any relief. Im a bartender in a busy restaurant so back pain is a common sode effect for me, so this place is heaven for me to visit. Totally recommendedd to all my friends.

Kimberly L.

Thank you so much dr. Tory for helping me with all my problems you and your staff are just great

Mark N.

Best in town, he has helped my migraines go away and relieved pain at times when o could hardly walk! Ill always go her even if it is far from me

Adriana M.

Dr. Tory and his staff hands down the best i believe in Arizona. Dr. Tory to his staff to the message ladies devotes there time each and every day to make sure each client has that one on one relationship more like a family bond when it comes to your care and needs. I loved the time I spent with on the chiro, I highly recommend them for your needs. Thank you Dr. Tory and On The Go Chiro.

Michael C.

Feeling better after just one adjustment, thank you.

Doreen D.

Excellent people and the attention to detail is exceptional! Really impressed with my bodys reaction to the fenzian.

Matt D.

Awesome experience. Dr. Brooks is an expert in his field!

Matthew D.

Thank Dr. Tory i havent felt this good, wow for awhile.

Charles L.

Dr. Brooks and his staff are amazing! I started seeing him after an auto accident for a whiplash injury. Even with all the pain, I always looked forward to my weekly OTGC visits. They were the silver lining of the whole ordeal. I have and will continue to recommend his office to my friends and family. Side note: Ask about the PEOS, they are a game changers!

Michelle R.

OTGC is fantastic! With my busy schedule, its super convenient for me to just drop in when I have the time instead of having to move things around in my schedule to make an appointment. Dr. Brooks is great and I always feel so much better after each visit. The staff is also very friendly and courteous. I highly recommend this place!

Joseph A.

Dr. Tory & his wife MeChelle Brooks are the most AMAZING people i have ever met! Coming to Dr Tory, has literally changed by life. My sciatica was killing me, i never thought my back could pop that much! And, ever since i walked in to "On The Go Chiro". I am NEVER leaving!! Thank you Dr. Tory, You are incredible.

Yessenia R.

Two words: THE BEST!!!!!! Dr. Tory and his wife MeChelle are the most AMAZING people ever, I love them like family! Thank you so much Dr. Tory for just being so incredible. I have not felt this good in forever, getting adjusted is honestly helping my anxiety as well as my sciatica and i couldnt be more happier. I highly recommend Dr. Torys office.

Yessy R.

I had a second EXCELLENT ADJUSTMENT today. I couldnt walk, sit, or stand without intense pain. I am a chiropractor and so I know a great adjustment. Thanks Dr. Brooks!Dr. Usher

Yvonne U.

Been going here for about 8 years. All the problems I have can always be fixed here. Dont trust anyone else.

Ste C.

I took my 3 year old nephew to his first Arizona Wildcats football game and walking up to our seats I picked him up and carried him to our seats and I wrenched my back. Went for two weeks trying to deal with it but it got to the point I could barely walk or work. After a quick look online we decided this was the best option. filled out the paper work and was seen very quickly and Dr Tory had me fixed in a mater of moments and out of pain! I cant thank him enough! I have a bad back from years in

Paul M.

Awesome chiropractic care! Great space that is clean and comfortable. Left here feeling amazing! Highly recommend this place

Armando G.

I thought I needed lower surgery, then Dr. Tory gave me a life changing adjustment. Makes miracles for people daily

Ryan S.

Dr. Tory is thorough and efficient. He individualizes care to meet my specific needs. He is knowledgeable, personable, and supportive. I certainly recommend his practice!

Alan M.

Walked in to the office feeling like a hot soupy mess, my entire back and neck super stiff and sore. I felt amazing leaving the office! Signed up on a package deal (good pricing) and I feel better every time I leave.

Crystal F.

Dr Tory is awesome! My family sees Dr Tory. My 9 yr old son loves going to Dr Tory. He explains everything and answers any questions that you may have. I will keep going to Dr. Tory. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcomed when you arrive.

Daniela T.

Dr. Brooks is a wonderful practitioner! He makes me feel at ease and his adjustments always make me feel great! This guy knows his stuff and is so understanding about what your issues are! Hes so awesome! If youre having any neck or back pain issues, I highly recommend him!

Rebecca T.

Mr. Brooks is the best I havent been to a chiropractor in years but I have been many times and he is so nice so sweet and he can make you pop pop pop it felt so good not in any pain I would totally recommend it me and my husband went and hes never been before he was a little scared but everything went awesome we love him now we have made him part of our family

Cody W.

if youre looking for a place to go for chiropractor you dont have to look any further this guy is so awesome he took care of me and my husband we would have been in pain for years after we left we went walking up a mountain like we were kids again highly recommended if you have any pain he is the man to go to he is the sweetest person I ever met.

Amy M.

Dr. Brooks is wonderful! Great price to begin with, unheard of price for someone so skilled.

Cameron B.

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Tory today. I had tried another local walk in clinic, but had a bad customer service experience.I had a subluxed rib and was in horrible pain for the past 2 days, and after 10 minutes at On The Go Chiro, I can finally take a deep breath again and my pain level is drastically reduced!Thanks for the great care and service!

Nicole V.

On the Go is a Local treasure and a great value ! Great service like this is not cheap and shouldnt be. I usually Happily pay 100 dollars or more for a adjustment and electronic Therapy . On the...

Jim M.

Great care from knowledgeable professionals who care about their Patients. I have seen many chiropractic professionals , LMTs and PTs due to injuries from racing And years of physical Labor. Dr.Tory does Great adjustments , I have never found anything as good as the Fenzian for muscle spasms. Exclusively available at On the Go. I think they are a great Value for the dollar too. Especially with their discount packages. There are no one and done fixes for back issues. They need maintenance so I al

J M.

At this point, I have only had two visits with Dr. Brooks, but my pain is already much less. I have a ways to go to heal my hip issues, but I feel I am in very good hands (literally)! The office is friendly and professional, and Dr. Brooks is definitely doing something right for me.

Abby W.


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